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Individual and Couples Therapy

Therapy is a supportive journey of healing, growth and transformation facilitated by the therapeutic relationship.  I approach this relationship with compassionate presence.  I provide a safe space for you to discover, share and express your whole self. I am present with my whole self, including my honesty, curiosity, humor and awareness.

I provide help for those struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Relationship challenges, Anger Issues, AD/HD, ASD, Divorce, and Relationship Challenges, Parenting, Spiritual Concerns, and Substance Abuse.   I provide resources and referrals for those wishing to look into alternative methods to pharmaceuticals and western medicine.

My approach to therapy rests on the foundation of Mindfulness.  Specific modalities I have trained within and influence my work, include Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Ecopsychology, and Mindfulness and Meditation.   I value creativity and spontaneity in the therapeutic process of exploration.  Some techniques I utilize in therapy are mind-body awareness, dream work, expressive arts and sandplay therapy to adults and children.

In working with couples, I weave together precepts from Accelerated Experiential Dynamc Psychotherapy (AEDP), Emotional Focused Couples therapy and Imago Couples Therapy.  I focus on the couples direct experiences in the room to help them illuminate and let go of unhealthy patterns and create satisfying new ways of relating.

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