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Articles on Parenting and Emotions:

Agressive Energy: Violet Oaklander
Neuroscience Tantrum Interventions: Tina Payne Bryson
Parenting Tips:  Violet Oaklander
The Whole Brain Child:  Daniel Siegel​

Articles on Autism and AD/HD:

Clinical research- Oxytosin improves quality of life —”

Autism Wars- NYTIMES

​Children AD/HD Drugs Don't Work Long Term: NYTIMES​

Brain  changes  tied  to  autism  severity by Jessica  Wright

Epidemiology:  Complex  disorder Virginia  Hughes

Autism Counts- Nature

Articles on Television and Child Development
Screen Fixation and AD/HD: NYTIMES
The Art of Distraction; NYTIMES
Television Watching and Shortening Attention Span
Television Addiction is no mere metaphor: Scientific America
Impact of Television on Young Children's Executive Functioning 

Articles on Nature Therapies

Ecopsychology: An Idea Whose Time Has Come By Steven Kotler Psychology Today

Embedment in the environment- Paul Stevens

Wild Child Guiding the Young Back to Nature

Articles on Sensory Integration:
Sensory Nutrition Article: Dr. Adam Blanning


Articles on Side Effects of Medication:
Side Effects May Include: The Sun Magazine

Concerns about AD/HD Meds and Addiction By  ALAN  SCHWARZ    


Raising  the  Ritalin  Generation By  BRONWEN  HRUSKA

Ritalin  Gone  Wrong By  L.  ALAN  SROUFE

Articles on Social and Emotional Learning:
Anti-Bullying Empathy Skills: Life Magazine
Roots of Empathy
Teachers Guide to Mindfulness​

Articles on Play:
Taking Play Seriously- NYTIMES
Creating a Play Space-Juliana Lichatz​

Articles on Therapy and Mindfulness:
Science of Mindfulness: Shambala Sun
The Attuned Therapist
The Verdict Is In​



Daniel Siegel: Neuro Attachment Theory​

OCD Treatment

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